12–18 November 2018


We have plenty of ideas and resources to help you with your event this year! How you take part in UK Parliament Week is entirely up to you, there is no limit to what you can do.

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Download your resource booklet

You can now download a resource booklet aimed at your organisation, full of ideas on how to take part in UK Parliament Week.

UKPW Toolkit

UKPW Toolkit (Welsh Language)

Boys Brigade UK Resource Booklet

Buddhist Organisations Resource Booklet

Church Resource Booklet 

FOSIS Resource Booklet

Girlguiding Anglia Resource Booklet

Girlguiding Branch Associations Resource Booklet

Girlguiding UK Resource Booklet

Girlguiding LaSER Resource Booklet

Girlguiding Midlands Resource Booklet

Girlguiding North East Resource Booklet

ScoutsCymru Resource Booklet

Primary School Resource Booklet

Muslim Council of Britain Resource Booklet

Jewish Organisations Resource Booklet

Hindu Organisations Resource Booklet

Girlguiding Ulster Resource Booklet

Girlguiding South West Resource Booklet

Girlguiding Scotland Resource Booklet

Girlguiding North West Resource Booklet

Scouting Foundation – Northern Ireland Resource Booklet

Secondary School Booklet

Sikh Organisations Resource Booklet

Scouts UK Resource Booklet

Uniform Organisations Resource Booklet

Girlguiding UK Resource Booklet (Welsh Language)

Primary School Booklet (Welsh Language)

Secondary School Booklet (Welsh Language)

Uniform Organisations Resource Booklet (Welsh Language)


Your UK Parliament Week Kit

We have 10,000 UK Parliament Week partners’ kits to give away once you’ve registered your event or activity. Your kit includes:

  • A booklet with a wide range of activities for you to use at your event
  • A ballot box so you can run your own mock elections, or vote on a debate!
  • Bunting so you can decorate in true UK Parliament Week style
  • Posters to help you promote your event
  • UK Parliament Week pin badges for you to wear so everyone knows you’re taking part.
  • Your very own UK Parliament Week placard – take pictures with your placard and share on social media to show off your activities!
  • And last but not least – our new Votes for Women sash, to get you in the Vote 100 spirit!

Register your UK Parliament Week event or activity now.

UK Parliament Week kits will start being sent to partners who have registered an event or activity in summer 2018.

Your Story, Our History 

As part of Vote 100,  women share their personal stories of how laws passed by Parliament have changed their lives for the better. We have created #YourStoryOurHistory, three short films focusing on laws that have contributed to women’s rights and continued to empower them.

Hold a screening and debate for UK Parliament Week 2018.

Beyond the Ballot

Take this online course and explore the campaign for women’s right to vote and its impact on women’s rights.

Further Resources:

How Parliament Works

We’ve created some short and handy videos explaining how the UK Parliament works for you to use during your event, or to brush up on your facts before hand! Find them all on our YouTube page.

Vote 100

UK Parliament Week 2018 forms a part of the UK Parliament’s Vote 100 programme, which celebrates 100 years since the first women got the vote. We’ve compiled some resources to help you explore the struggle for equal suffrage during your UK Parliament Week event or activity.

Vote 100 for schools

Overview resources:

Specific resources:


Holding an online event for UK Parliament Week?

We’ve developed some tips and ideas for making your online event a success.

Resources for schools

We have lots of age-specific learning resources about the UK Parliament, its work and its history at parliament.uk/education.

You can download the ‘Discover the UK Parliament‘ booklet in English or dual language (English and Welsh). Or order a copy for free by emailing HOPOrders@ark-h.co.uk
Please state the number of publications you require and whether you would like them in English or dual language (English and Welsh). Allow 10 working days for your order to arrive.

Learning resources and activities about the UK’s devolved legislatures:

Resources for Adults with Learning Disabilities (ALD)

Discover EMPOWER! our Adults with Learning Disabilities (ALD) Programme. The programme aims to empower and enable adults with learning disabilities to make civic engagement choices throughout their lives.

Invite an MP or Peer to your event

Who’s your MP?

Your local MP can offer excellent insight into the work of Parliament. You can invite your local MP to hold an assembly about their role and how your audience can engage with their work. Find out who your local MP is and how to contact them.

Invite a Peer to your event

Why not invite a Member of the House of Lords to talk about their work as part of your event? Here’s a list of members, their details, and how you can contact them.


Other ways to get involved with your UK Parliament:


If you’re holding an event for a Girlguiding unit, a primary, or secondary school, your kit is packed with plenty of fun event ideas and interactive activities for all age groups.

Ideas to help you take part

Thinking of taking part in UK Parliament Week?  Take a look at our blog for a bit of inspiration!


Register your event or activity

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Don’t forget that the deadline for sign-ups is 30 September 2017!

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