Terms & conditions

UK Parliament Week is a festival of events and activities that connects people with the UK Parliament and democracy in the UK. Our Partners are organisations across the UK that run events and activities throughout UK Parliament Week that explore what democracy means to them and their community.

These terms and conditions are for organisations who want to register to take part in UK Parliament Week. They apply between the UK Parliament Week Partner and the Corporate Officer of the House of Commons.


We, us, our means the Corporate Officer of the House of Commons and the Corporate Officer of the House of Lords, acting by the UK Parliament Education and Engagement Service.

You, your means any individual, school, or organisation who register an event for UK Parliament Week 

Partner organisations eligibility criteria

To be a UK Parliament Week Partner you must be an organisation that supports parliamentary democracy in the UK, either explicitly or implicitly. You should not be an organisation that in the judgement of the UK Parliament Week Team could lead to the House of Commons or UK Parliament Week being criticised because of your inclusion as a Partner.

Any person submitting a request to become a Partner agrees that they are authorised to act on behalf of their organisation, including to provide information to UK Parliament Week and to bind their organisation to these terms and conditions. By providing your details you agree that the UK Parliament’s Education and Engagement Service may contact your organisation. On behalf of the Corporate Officer of the House of Commons, the UK Parliament Week team agrees to:

  1. Publish details of Partners’ activities on its website and promote them where appropriate
  2. Provide Partners with the UK Parliament Week logo
  3. Provide Partners with UK Parliament Week promotional and educational materials free of charge, where applicable

Event or activity eligibility criteria

  1. Run an event or activity that meets the UK Parliament Week aims and objectives. All events and activities accepted as part of the UK Parliament Week programme must engage people with the UK Parliament, explore what it means to them and empower them to get involved
  2. Run an event or activity that falls within the specified UK Parliament Week dates.
  3. Refrain from any activity or use of any UK Parliament Week materials or logo in any way which may give the impression, either directly or by implication, that UK Parliament Week endorses any particular political viewpoint, organisation, campaign, commercial product, activity or other such similar matter
  4. Clearly mark your event or activity as being part of UK Parliament Week. Your publicity material should include the logo, and you should have a link to the UK Parliament Week website on your own website
  5. Provide all UK Parliament Week materials, if supplied, free of charge to the public
  6. You can charge people to attend your event, but the money must go towards the cost of running the event. You must not make a profit from your event

Information, data and security

The personal data we are collecting and processing is:

  • Your name, job title, email address, telephone number, postal address, your IP address and details of which version of web browser you are using.
  • Information on how you use the site, using cookies and page tagging techniques.

Use of your personal data

We will use your information to process and manage your event registration and evaluate the event. By using this service we are relying on the lawful basis of: necessary for the purposes of our public function through public engagement.

Full details of regarding use, storage, security and your rights over personal data are available in our privacy notice.

Health and Safety

UK Parliament Week is not responsible for Partners’ events or activities. UK Parliament Week does not accept any liability for any loss or damage arising from a Partner’s UK Parliament Week event or activities. It is for each Partner to make their own assessment as to health and safety and insurance, and to comply with relevant laws.


This section tells you about the kind of publicity that you might receive if you register an event for UK Parliament Week. It also includes links to our Privacy Policy and our Copyright Policy.

  1. If you consent to us sharing your Parliament Week event details with your local MP, we will give them event information including contact details
  2. If you are registering an event as a school or an organisation and you submit details about children under the age of 18 as part of your registration, you are responsible for making sure that you take all necessary care to protect their personal data before you send us those details, including by getting permission from their parent or legal guardian if necessary.
  3. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information about how we will treat your personal information, and our Copyright Policy for details about copyright on this website.

Intellectual Property

All copyright, logos, design rights and other intellectual property rights (registered and unregistered) in and on any UK Parliament Week materials remain Parliamentary copyright. You may not deal with UK Parliament Week materials in any way except as agreed in these terms and conditions. In particular you must not alter any of the materials.

If you provide any logo or materials to UK Parliament Week, you agree that they can be published by UK Parliament Week on its website and in any UK Parliament Week materials.

You may use the UK Parliament Week logo as stated in these terms and conditions, but you must not use the Crowned Portcullis emblem of the Houses of Parliament (an example of which is in the footer of each page of these T&Cs).

Please note that any materials claimed through participating in UK Parliament Week are not to be used for resale. This is inclusive of UK Parliament Week woven badges.


This section warns you to be careful about sending information over the Internet. It tells you that these terms and conditions might change. And it explains what will happen if something goes wrong.

  1. We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time by posting changes online. It is your responsibility to check that page for any updates.
  2. We will not be liable for any expenses, loss, or damage, including without limitation any indirect or consequential loss or damage, that you may suffer because of or in connection with Parliament Week or because you have relied on the information we provided about it on our website.
  3. These terms and conditions will be governed by, and interpreted in accordance with, the law of England and Wales. If there is any dispute between you and us in relation to these terms and conditions, it can only be dealt with by the courts of England and Wales.
  4. Breach of these terms and conditions entitles the Corporate Officer of the House of Commons to cancel your organisation’s registration as a UK Parliament Week Partner without liability and without notice and to withdraw any rights in relation to UK Parliament Week accreditations, rights of use and reproduction rights from your organisation. You must not use any UK Parliament Week materials if your registration is cancelled.