12–18 November 2018

Use your loaf: A Comic Fable

Use Your Loaf is a new comic fable, created and performed by Once Seen Theatre Company. Exploring themes of democracy, equality, voice and being stronger when we work together, Use Your Loaf follows the day to day life of bread making village Grain-over-Sands.

The Story
It’s a simple but happy life in the village of Grain-over-Sands. Everyone knows each other and everyone gets along.

This was a day like every other. The farmer was collecting the wheat to be ground into flour by the miller, whilst the villagers were tending to the water, salt works and village kiln and the baker was preparing his kitchen. Grain-over-Sands made bread; wonderful bread, made by the full village, all bringing equal parts to the mix. It fed them, put money in their pockets and brought them together as one community.

But on this day the baker was retiring and his son from the Big City was coming to take over. He seemed pleasant enough but was talking to people…behind closed doors. Soon the farmers wheat wasn’t growing, the kiln wouldn’t fire, there was something odd in the water and the bread didn’t taste good at all. There was less money in the villagers pockets and soon they started to feel very hungry and isolated from one another, but all the while the bakers son was returning from the Big City in flashier cars and sharper suits. What was going on? Something wasn’t right. It was time to speak up.

This will be performed at 7.30 on Friday 20 November and Saturday 21 November and will be followed by a presentation by York People First.

Booking details

There is no need to book but you can get more information by emailing us at yorkpeoplefirst@talktalkbusiness.net or phoning on 01904 479315.

Cost to attend

There is no charge to attend but people can make a donation to the theatre company at the end.
Friday 20 Nov 2015, 7:30pm - Saturday 21 Nov 2015, 9:00pm
York People First
41 Monkgate, York YO31 7PB, United Kingdom
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