13 – 19 November 2017

Unlock Magna Carta project launch

Unlock Democracy are launching our Unlock Magna Carta Project – a year-long nationwide debate on Magna Carta, its legacy and relevance for the modern day. The event will be held together with the Parliamentary Political and Constitutional Reform Committee, chaired by Graham Allen, who will give a brief introduction to the Committee’s work and show ways that you can get involved in writing a Magna Carta for our time.

There will be a short presentation on the Unlock Magna Carta project – a series of 12 events held across Britain to spark a public debate on Magna Carta and current democratic and constitutional change. The session will be highly interactive, with an open conversation on where power lies in modern Britain and how a written constitution might shape the future of democracy. You will have the opportunity to take the interactive Unlock Magna Carta quiz, to test how much you know about the 800-year-old document. There will also be the chance to sign up to the project, with details of how to plan and run a local event near you.

Come along and help us in making a Magna Carta for the modern day!

Booking details

Pre-registration is recommended, but participants are also free to turn up on the day. You can register at www.unlockdemocracy.org.uk/events/entry/unlock-magna-carta-launch

Cost to attend

The event is free to attend.
Tuesday 18 Nov 2014, 6:30pm - 8:00pm
Unlock Democracy
Thatcher Room, Portcullis House, London, SW1A 2LW
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