12–18 November 2018

My Manifesto

‘My Manifesto’, is a project aimed at teenagers and young people in the East London community to raise awareness of their personal political powers and the powers of their local government or MPs.Our aim is to run a session with 10-12 young people who are interested in finding out more about UK politics and citizenship.We will be running two workshops over two days discussing various topics and running two long activities, and two short ones, with the participants.

Target audience: GCSE age teenagers (14-16 years)
To Host Workshops for: Between 10-15 people
To be held in: Tower Hamlets
To be reviewed by: Feedback forms
To be hosted by: Schools4Change and Faruk Miah MBE

Workshop Aims:

  • Creating an understanding of how local government is run, how it influences you and how you can influence it
  • Creating an understanding of citizenship in the UK today (with focus on young people’s citizens and the power they wield within their communities).
  • Creating an understanding of their own values and their own powers, both voting powers and communication powers.
  • Creating an understanding of central government, the roles of MPs, the role of constituency’s and the roles of Parties.
  • Creating an understanding of UK politics, UK society and UK citizenship and the debates around all of these issues

‘My Manifesto’  a series of activities and discussions introducing young people to UK politics and citizenship, our workshops will take place over two 4 hour or so days and will include:

Day 1: Politics Quiz, Role play of London Assembly/ Tower Hamlets Council
Day 2: Important Issues Discussion, Group Manifesto Creation and Presentation

By the end of the workshops, the participants should have: a basic/beginners knowledge of the UK central and local government system (with particular focus on their local government) a clearer understanding of their citizenship and the powers they have as citizens (eg, writing to an MP, voting).

These workshops will not be bias in any way to a particular party of party political debate or issue.

Cost to attend

Saturday 18 Nov 2017, 11:00am - Sunday 19 Nov 2017, 3:00pm
455 The Highway, London, E1W 3HP
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