12–18 November 2018

Is the advent of ISIS inevitable or reactionary?

The topic of this event will be named ‘Is the advent of IS reactionary or inevitable?’ The panellists will be exploring the causes of the emergence of IS and whether it is a reactionary group which emerged as a result of other events that took place in the region and what should be the response of the international community to the threat of IS in the Middle East. The importance of this event for young people is that they are informed about the issues which surround our media and are kept informed about how these issues may affect Britain’s foreign policy, but also security policies in Britain.

Panelists include:

– Shashank Joshi, Senior research fellow at RUSI (Royal United Services Institute) and a PhD candidate at Harvard University.

– Brian Whitaker, former Middle-East editor of the Guardian.

– Emirhan Yorulmazlar, Consul-General of Turkey and Foreign Policy Institute (FPI) Fellow at SAIS, John Hopkins University Washington DC.

– Keith Vaz MP, is a Labour MP and the chair of the home affairs committee. He is also kindly hosting our event at Parliament.

– Dr. Jacob Parakilas, is an assistant project director for the US project at Chatham House.

Chair: John Mclean, Chief advisor of MLMS and a senior lecturer at the University of Greenwich.

This event takes place in Committee Room 12 in the Houses of Parliament.

Booking details

This event takes place in Committee Room 12 in the Houses of Parliament. Please book via eventbrite on https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/mlms-is-the-advent-of-isis-inevitable-or-reactionary-tickets-14238773555

Cost to attend

Thursday 20 Nov 2014, 7:00pm - 8:15pm
Houses of Parliament, London, United Kingdom
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