12–18 November 2018

Flashy Wings Women’s Conference

Flashy Wings Ministry is a Christian charity, actively working in the community to help with tackling women’s issues. Our aim is to motivate, educate, and inspire women towards fulfilling their potential and living a life beyond limits. Through this conference, we seek to encourage, uplift and promote mental, emotional, civic and spiritual growth.

The event is designed for women from 18 years old and above, we welcome women from all walks of life to explore this year’s theme: Rewriting Your Story.

By the end of the conference, attendees will have gained a better understanding of  how the UK Parliament operates, and how to get involved in decision making. We will look at various ways to ensure our voices are  heard by Parliament to improve the life of women in our community and across the UK.  The event will also include games, inspirational prayers, keynote speeches from local councillors, a buffet, music and dance.

Our event is open to everyone but attendees should bear in mind that we as an organisation will offer a Christian perspective to the issues discussed.

Booking details

Book via Email info@flashywingsministry.co.uk or queeneku@aol.com Book via text 07904656021  

Cost to attend

Saturday 18 Nov 2017, 2:00am - 6:00am
Flashy Wings Ministry
31 Harden House, Mcneil Road, Camberwell, Southwark, SE5 8PP
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