12–18 November 2018

Cake and Debate

Advising London will be engaging with service users, frontline staff and local residents to find out what Politics is, was and should be. We will be exchanging views and experiences whilst eating cake and debating what our expectations, aspirations and disappointments are with British Politics. Cake and Debate will be operating around Southwark throughout the week and providing free tea and coffee to different community groups. Cake and Debate will conclude on the Friday with the glorious older peoples service based within Blackfriars Settlement,1 Rushworth Street, London SE1 ORB on Friday at 10am -12noon and we will be hearing what wisdom the golden oldies have to share and how they have seen politics change over the years.

This event is open to everyone and everyone will be welcome to bring cake; free tea and coffee will be provided.

*All commentary will be recorded and turned into an audio file so we can share with others and influence change*

Booking details

To find out if where we will be each day:
  • follow us on Twitter @advisinglondon
  • email rhiannon.hughes@advising.London
  • attend the Blackfriars Settlement for our closing debate

Cost to attend

Monday 16 Nov 2015, 10:00am - Friday 20 Nov 2015, 12:00pm
Advising London
Blackfriars SettlementSouthwark, SE1 0RB
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