12–18 November 2018

Alice in Westminister: The Political Life of Alice Bacon

Join us as Rachel Reeves, MP for Leeds West, sheds light on the life and career of Alice Bacon. Alice Bacon was the first woman to represent Leeds as an MP, and is the subject of a new biography by Reeves.

The daughter of a Yorkshire coal miner who lived her whole life in the village of Normanton, Alice was an unlikely but powerful force behind the groundbreaking social reforms of post war Labour, including the legalisation of abortion, the de-criminalisation of homosexuality and the abolition of the death penalty. A former teacher, her real passion was comprehensive education, and, as Minister for Education in the late 1960s, she was a key player in its national roll out under Anthony Crosland.

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Saturday 18 Nov 2017, 12:00pm - 1:30pm
People's History Museum
Online Event
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