13 – 19 November 2017

AFI Changemakers Summit on Human Rights and International Development

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As a major international actor and with an increased commitment to foreign aid, the UK is in a strong position to effect positive global change. As such, we believe that the perspective and voice of young people must be taken into account.

The Ariel Foundation International Changemakers event will be an opportunity for young people in the UK to come together to formulate possible policy responses to issues facing the international community. Our event will be chaired by Julie Ward MEP; Julie has developed an ongoing relationship with AFI and we feel her longstanding commitment to human rights and young people makes her the perfect chairperson for our event.

Our Ariel Foundation International Changemakers event (AFI Changemakers) will provide the opportunity to be part of small working groups focusing on major international issues. The working groups will be supported by experts and UK parliamentarians but this is ultimately a platform for YOUR voice to be heard. Having previously held similar summits at the United Nations (Human Rights Council, Right to Development, World Health Assembly, Social Forum) in Geneva, AFI Changemakers will work with you to compile your policy recommendations into reports which will then be published by Ariel Foundation International and will be submitted to various international organisations.

For more information about who is attending and what the day’s agenda will be, please take a look at www.changemakers-un.org and www.arielfoundation.org

Booking details

There is no need to book but you may register your place in advance through out website www.changemakers-un.org

Cost to attend

This event is free to attend
Monday 16 Nov 2015, 9:00am - 6:00pm
Ariel Foundation International – Changemakers
Houses of Parliament, London, SW1A
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