English Football League Trust (EFL)

EFL Trust uses the power of sport to improve lives and make a positive contribution across 72 communities across the country. The Trust draws together each of the 72 EFL Club Trusts to tackle society’s greater goals by inspiring people through powerful projects built upon a foundation of four key themes of sport, education, community engagement and health.  


Key projects are delivered by the dedicated network of community trusts associated to the 72 EFL clubs.  

 Key aims:  

  •  Increase participation  
  • Inspire education  
  • Raise aspirations  
  • Improve health  
  • Reduce crime  

The Trusts across the network engage with over 1 million participants every year, employ over 2,400 employees and attract over £62m in funding for community projects. Based in the heart of their communities, our trusts use the magnetism of their club badge to connect with people. 

The national game speaks in a language people understand, with the power to go further where others fall short. The Trust embraces this magic to raise the aspirations of millions by delivering dynamic initiatives to communities throughout the country. Aspiring to change lives and create a legacy, we have a specific focus on youth engagement, bringing learning to life through the spirit of sport. Beyond this, we rise to the challenge of wider government agendas, from drug rehabilitation to dealing with dementia. 

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