1–7 November 2021

Partner’s Media Pack

UK Parliament Week 2020 – Official Partners Media Pack 

The document contains resources and templates to assist Official Partners in publicising their UK Parliament Week activities. These resources can be adapted to suit the needs of your organisation.  

Publicising your activity 

Publicising your activity to local media outlets is an effective way to highlight to the wider community your engagement with UK Parliament Week. This will help to showcase your hard work in organising the activity, and also inspire others to get involved with the work of the UK Parliament.   

Local newspapers and radio stations are often keen for content and so may be open to covering your activity. Contact details can be found on their websites or on social media.  There are also a range of specific publications and newsletters which are effective means of communicating details of your activity more widely within your specific sector.  

If you need any assistance with engaging with local media around your activity, please contact [email protected] with the subject line UK Parliament Week Partner. 

In order to assist in publicising your activities, we have provided a press release template below. This can be used as the basis of a news story on your website or newsletters or as a press release to journalists/local media outlets.  

Version A – Pre-activity template 

UK Parliament Week 2020 to be celebrated by [xxx partner] 

[XXX partner] is hosting [XXX activity] as part of UK Parliament Week, joining the UK-wide conversation about our democracy, people power and making change happen. 

[Insert paragraph with specifics on the activity, including date/time, location, sign-up details] 

UK Parliament Week is an annual festival taking place from 1-7 November, that engages [description of your members e.g young people] from across the UK with their UK Parliament, explores what it means to them and empowers them to get involved. 

This year marks ten years of UK Parliament Week. It is a great opportunity to be part of a thriving democracy and look ahead to the next 10 years, thinking about what issues are important to you and how you can work with UK Parliament to bring about change. Community groups, local organisations and schools representing every constituency across the United Kingdom have already signed up to be part of the conversation. 

[XXX partner] said: “We are excited to join communities across the country getting involved in UK Parliament Week 2020 and getting more people in [XXX partner] involved in playing a vital role in their democracy. [insert further details promoting your activity.] 

Last year, over 1.2 million people took part in UK Parliament week in every nation and region of the UK, alongside countries all over the world.  

David Clark, Head of Education and Engagement at UK Parliament, said: “We are delighted [XXX partner] has taken the opportunity to participate in this year’s UK Parliament Week and inspire their members to get involved in their democracy. 

There are many exciting activities taking place for this year’s UK Parliament Week, including [XXX Description of partner event]. Organisations, local community groups and schools have a chance to get empowered and have their say on issues they care about the most. Change starts with you and UK Parliament Week is a great way to learn how you can make a difference.” 

Notes to Editors [Insert details on your activity and organisation, including contact details] 

  1. UK Parliament Week is an annual festival organised by the UK Parliament Education and Engagement Team, a service of the House of Commons and House of Lords which seeks to inform and educate all citizens about the work and role of the UK Parliament. Find out more about UK Parliament Week.

2.This is UK Parliament Week’s tenth year. It began in 2011 and has grown year on year. 

Contacting your MP or Member of the House of Lords 

Those running UK Parliament Week activities are encouraged to contact their local Member of Parliament to encourage them to attend activities. Supportive quotes from your MP could also feature in your press notice.  

To find out who your local MP is you can visit our website. A full list of Members of the House of Lords can also be found online.  

Sample images for use in promotional materials 

The UK Parliament has a large range of images available for use which you can download from our Flickr page 

All photos must be appropriately credited as per the instructions on each photo (e.g. ©UK Parliament/Jessica Taylor) 

If you wish to use an image of Parliament which is not available on our Flickr account, please email your request to [email protected]   

Sample Tweets  

UK Parliament Week hashtag is #UKPW. UK Parliament Week hashtag is #UKPW.  

Fantastic to be taking part in #UKPW, joining the UK-wide conversation about our democracy, people power and making change happen @YourUKParl  

Pleased to join with organisations across the UK in celebrating the work of @UKParliament and democracy #UKPW  

Today we explored how the work of @UKParliament impacts our lives as part of UK Parliament Week 2020 #UKPW 


Images and social media cards are available for you on the Partner hub and can be used to promote your participation in UK Parliament Week.