1–7 November 2021

Be Internet Citizens

Author: Louise Laws, NE Youth 


Google UK and YouTube want a safe and exciting web where young people can be creative, express themselves and belong. Be Internet Citizens is an educational programme created by Google and YouTube Creators for Change designed to teach media literacy, critical thinking and digital citizenship, encouraging young people to be positive voices online and increasing their resilience. 

Our aim is to build a safe yet inspiring online space where young people aged 13 – 19 years can be empowered to learn, to share, to be creative, to express themselves and to experience a sense of belonging as digital citizens. While most young people today have grown up as digital natives, they may still lack the critical thinking and media literacy skills which are key to practicing positive digital citizenship. In light of this, the Be Internet Citizens programme was designed in a collaboration between Google and the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) to teach young people important media skills outside of formal education and in a way which is relatable and engaging. 

Cost:FREE – This programme is fully funded to support young people (aged 13-19 years), between February – mid January 2021, so delivery must take place during this time period. Group delivery can be face to face or virtual. 

Sign up here - https://neyouth.org.uk/local-and-national-programmes/