12–18 November 2018

UKPW18: Thank You!

UK Parliament Week 2018: events across the UK

What a great UK Parliament Week! Thank you for all your enthusiasm and taking part!

There were over 8000 events taking place across the UK,  over 500,000 taking part, with something happening in every single constituency, and 52 events worldwide! This is a huge increase from 4569 events in 2017 – thank you all for making this happen.

You can celebrate your UK Parliament Week success by nominating your event or activity for the UK Parliament Week Campaign of the Year Award – a category in this year’s Your UK Parliament Awards.

Celebrating the Clerk of the House’s 650th birthday

22 Jul 2013Sir Robert Rogers

The first recorded Clerk of the House of Commons was Robert de Melton in 1363. We don’t have any records that go back that far, but to mark the occasion our excellent Archives team have produced a display of other historic documents about the role of Clerks over the centuries, which is on the Parliament…

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TEDx Houses of Parliament: Democracy and Representation

10 Jul 2013

TEDxHousesofParliament is an annual event which features a range of incredible speakers giving the talk of their lives on the theme democracy and representation.

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‘Just go for it’!

4 Jul 2013Ros Altmann

Dr. Ros Altmann is delighted to be a judge for the National Council of Women's 'Giving Young Women and Girls a Voice’ competition which is currently open for entries.

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Welcome to the Parliament Week blog

26 Jun 2013

News flash! Parliament Week 2013 now has a blog

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Overcoming the barriers to engagement

18 Mar 2013Tony Koutsoumbos

Tony Koutsoumbos from the Central London Debating Society blogs about the recent Parliament Week partners’ conference in Westminster.

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