12–18 November 2018


Credit: UK Parliament/Jessica Taylor

What’s in a name? For UK Parliament Week 2018, we asked you to help name our sister suffragette

As part of Vote 100, which celebrated the centenary of the first women gaining the right to vote, we asked you to use #NameOurSister on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and help us decide on a name.

Say hello to Hope!

Thank you to everyone who helped #NameOurSister. Hope will be welcoming people to the UK Parliament and visiting communities around the UK in 2019 to help tell the story of women’s suffrage.

Further information

  • Vote 100: Explore all the activities the UK Parliament has organised to celebrate 100 years of women’s voting rights.
  • Parliament and Women: Quick links to Parliament’s resources on women’s political rights and representation – yesterday and today
  • Women and the Vote: From peaceful campaigning to militant tactics, the fight for women’s voting rights lasted many years. Find out how their goals were achieved.
  • #YourStoryOurHistory: Women share their personal stories of how laws passed by Parliament have changed their lives for the better.