12–18 November 2018

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Help girls Explore the history of the UK Parliament and think about its role in democracy.

Women in Politics – #girlsmatter

Build Your Own Parliament

This activity gets the girls to explore the building of the Palace of Westminster that houses the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

  • Get the girls to look at pictures of the building, the architecture, the interior and to explore what they like or don’t like about these different aspects and how they are used. They can then design their own Parliament or room within Parliament and share how they think it should be used and by who. This can be done as drawings, using magazines or creating 3D models.

This activity challenges young people to explore the functions and purposes, and creatively express their vision of how our democratic institutions should look and work.

Agree/Disagree Statements

This activity uses statements to encourage young people to think about where they stand on different political issues.

  • Place an agree/disagree signs on opposite sides of the room and ask everyone to congregate in the space between the two.
  • Read out a statement and ask participants to go to the end of the room that best reflects their opinion. The stronger they feel about the issue, the further they should go to the end of the room with the agree or disagree sign. We have produced some sample statements to get you thinking.
  • Encourage discussion about why they have chosen their position. If someone is undecided they may remain in the middle and listen to contributions from either side of the floor before making up their minds.

What do MPs do all day?

An activity to get participants thinking about the work of their Member of Parliament.

  • Using the worksheets provided girls can work out which tasks they think their MP should do and at what time of day. There are more tasks than hours in the day so the least important tasks will have to be left out.
  • Also ask them to think about where their MP is – can they make a meeting in their constituency in the morning and a vote in Parliament in the afternoon? Discuss which tasks participants have prioritised and why, and if they feel that there are any tasks missing.