12–18 November 2018

Past events


17 November

VOTE 100: Celebrating Women Composers

Partner: MOOT - music of our time Registered Charity 1169015
Location: South East England

Vote 100: Celebrating Women Composers marks the centenary of women gaining the vote through democracy in action. A specially commissioned new work ‘Lead On’ by Lucy Pankhurst, a relative of leading suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst, will be performed as well as music by a range of extraordinary and innovative women composers. We are delighted that Caroline Lucas MP is to participate… Read more »

16 November

Once Upon a Parliament

Partner: York People First
Location: Yorkshire + Humberside

‘They all lived happily ever after’….but did they? The fairy tale lifestyle that is often an aspiration, is not always open to those with learning difficulties.  Stories of voiceless damsels, cutting royalty and benefit balls, can help us understand how everyone, from government to neighbourhoods, are responsible for supporting adults… Read more »

17 November

flashy wings ministry

Partner: flashy wings ministry
Location: London

After hosting a successful, parliament week, in 2017, we will love to host parliament week 2018. Flashy Wings Ministry is a non-denominational Christian charity, actively working in the community to help with tackling women’s issues. Our aim is to motivate, educate, and inspire women towards fulfilling their potentials and living a life beyond limit. We believe that… Read more »