12–18 November 2018

Praying for Politicians

As an organisation we are focused on encouraging people to respect and speak well of their local and national politicians.

Each day we provide a list of five politicians to pray for. This list is published on our Facebook page ‘Prayingforpoliticians – UK’ and distributed to our subscribers by email. The list covers all political parties and includes members of the House of Commons, House of Lords, UK MEPs, members of the Scottish Parliament, and members of the Northern Ireland and Welsh Assemblies.

Political comment is not allowed as we are solely to promote the well being of our elected representatives.

During the week we will be having a special focus on UK Parliament Week. We are a Christian organisation and link in with local groups and churches.

Booking details

No booking fee. Just visit our Facebook page and website for details of how to pray for the week.

Cost to attend

No cost to attend. We just encourage people to speak positively about their elected officials and to pray for them.

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