12–18 November 2018

Engage activities

The activities below are designed to Engage girls with the work of the UK Parliament, MPs and members of the House of Lords, through participative events and activities.

Decision Maker Discussion

  • Invite a local MP or Lord/Lady to your unit or district to talk about their work and the work of the UK Parliament.  You could also ask along your local MLA or Councillor. Find out who your MP is.
  • Preparation for visiting or a visit with your MP could include: Finding out about their views on issues that are important to you; knowing how they vote on issues that are important to you; being aware of the issues within your community and/or issues that are important to young women that you could ask them about.


  • A quiz can be themed around the values of the UK Parliament. Giving it a humorous twist, or a joker round would create a fun atmosphere, whilst encouraging girls to focus on aspects of the UK Parliament. From rounds about historical events to ways to get involved with the UK Parliament. A quiz provides an enjoyable educational experience.
  • Why not use the Big UK Parliament Quiz and answers that we’ve produced?

Film Screening

  • A film screening is an enjoyable way to bring the UK Parliament to life. With a box of popcorn and a big screen, you can host an educational event, with a film suited to your audience.
  • Choose a film, followed by a talk or discussion, which links back to the UK Parliament. Resources to support presentations can be found on the Into film website. You could show films like Election (1999) or Selma (2014). Suffragette (2015) could inspire discussions about voting, or documentary films like Inside the Commons (BBC, 2015) could provide an educational, yet entertaining experience for your unit.


  • Do you enjoy a cream tea with scones? Miss those teacakes? How about hosting a Parliament-themed picnic? Get the girls to create parliament themed goodies like Big Ben shaped cakes or biscuits. You could then tweet your creations using the hashtag #UKPW16 to inspire others with your ideas.

Speaker event

  • Is there something you would like to know about the UK Parliament? Have an inspiring speaker that you would like to invite? Can you captivate an audience with a story or two about Parliament? How about a talk about getting involved with the UK Parliament? Speakers could discuss political parties, debates, democracy, history, legislation or a topic of your choice.
  • Look up your local university for ideas for speakers, or ask the British embassy for speaker ideas, and remember to encourage audience participation– questions and statements from the girls will allow attendees to take part, and feel integral to the event.

Unit Activity Night

  • Could your unit create a masterpiece with arts and crafts? For a night that the whole unit will enjoy, create a fun packed guide night, themed on Parliament. Dress up as Big Ben, or hire a bouncy castle. Arrange a cake sale or an educational workshop to ensure that young people feel inspired by the event.