Shout Out UK

Shout Out UK is an education social enterprise, aiming to get more young people involved in democratic life through our Political and Media Literacy programmes and individual workshops on topics, such as Public Speaking and Debating, Employability Skills and Campaigning, International Relations, Human Rights and Feminism, to name a few. We deliver our programmes offline and online through our E-portal, enabling teachers, youth workers, parents and individuals to access our bespoke resources and courses from anywhere and to enrich their students and children on the topics that matter most to them.

So far we have worked in over 1,000 secondary schools and colleges across the UK and have empowered more than 30,000 young people to speak up on the issues they care about and to participate in our democracy. Below you can find some of our impact data:
• 94.1% of young people we worked with shared they understood how the British political system works after doing our course
• 91.2% of young people said they would work with others in their community to solve issues they care about
• 82.1% of students said the course helped them improve their debating and public speaking skills
• 73.0% reported that the course helped them learn how to spot misinformation and disinformation

Because we understand the immense benefits of being involved in our democracy, we fully support UK Parliament Week. Youth voice should be an inseparable part of democratic life and the most effective way to ensure this happens is through Political Literacy. This is why we think initiatives like UK Parliament Week are so important for inspiring more young people to learn about and take part in our democracy. We’re proud to be an official partner!