Polish Migrants Organise for Change (POMOC)

Our core work includes: 1) providing basic support services such as EU Settlement Scheme referrals; 2) running civic and democratic participation campaigns; and 3) designing political education programming to build leadership while addressing systemic issues like racism and homophobia. We are a nimble team of activists, organisers, artists, advisers, and researchers with years of experience organising across the Polish diaspora in support of immigrants rights, racial justice, reproductive justice, LGBTQ+ equality, and pro-democracy efforts. Our holistic and intersectional approach to political engagement is rooted in listening to and working alongside communities, and creating spaces where Polish women – as political agents – can learn from and support each other.


For months, we have been working to create opportunities for Polish people to engage in local and national government. Despite being the most common non-British nationality in the UK, the Polish diaspora continues to face immense barriers to democratic participation. Given the breadth and diversity of our community, it is imperative we change this reality. That is why, as part of UK Parliament Week 2020, we have decided to co-host an online event curated for the Polish experience, and intended to spark interest in civic engagement and voter turnout. The event, titled From Bins to Ballots: Inside Look at UK Government, is a collaboration between POMOC, New Europeans, the3million’s Young Europeans Initiative, and Watford Borough Council.