Endometriosis UK

For too long, menstrual health conditions like endometriosis have been swept under the carpet.

Despite affecting 1 in 10 women and those assigned female at birth, there is no cure, we do not know what causes the disease, and diagnosis takes on average a shocking 7.5 years. Awareness is also incredibly low – and 74% of men don’t know what endometriosis, nor do 62% of young women. The associated taboos around menstrual health coupled with shockingly low awareness levels have led to those with the condition feeling silenced. But by working with Members of Parliament, we have the power to turn this around.

As a charity and a community, we feel on the cusp of real, long overdue change, and UK Parliament Week provides another opportunity to ensure the voices of the 1.5 million with endometriosis are heard and to encourage those with endometriosis to engage with their political representatives, have their voices heard and acknowledged, and subsequently inspire and create change for the next generation.

With the results of an inquiry led by the APPG on Endometriosis due to be announced in October, and menstrual wellbeing being placed on the school curriculum in England, together this UK Parliament week we can raise our voices and campaign to ensure everyone with endometriosis has access to the right care at the right time.