Amnesty International

Our purpose is to protect individuals and communities wherever justice, freedom and truth are denied.

Here in the UK, we have a long and proud history of securing real human rights change by working closely with governments and parliamentarians from across the political spectrum. For many years, we have achieved lots of this through our local activism, which is at the heart of our work. Our supporters from across the UK have worked closely with politicians, including their local representatives, to help free prisoners of conscience, change unjust laws and bring human rights abusers to justice.

As our movement continues to grow, so does our need to ensure every one of our supporters shares and develops their skills and knowledge to be the best advocates for human rights in the world of UK politics. That is why we are delighted to be involved with this year’s UK Parliament Week – an annual festival where we can really focus on this work, empowering people with the knowledge that their voice truly does matter.