12–18 November 2018

Empower Activities

Empower girls to get involved with the UK Parliament and make their voices heard about issues that matter to them.

Write to MP or Lord/Lady

What are the burning issues for girls in your unit? It could be anything from Votes at 16, to the Refugee Crisis, to the impact of Brexit. Write to your MP and tell them your thoughts on the issues you care about and what you think they should do to affect positive change.

Also, look up Parliament online for a list of committees both from House of Commons and House of Lords. There are committees on a wide range of issues from Human Rights to Women and Equality.

To find your local MP check out the Parliament website. You can also find out which MPs are on committees looking at a range of important issues.

Find out more about the Lords – including which Lords or Ladies are interested in various policy issues.

Make a Video

Instead of writing a letter you could make a video that tells your MP about a topic you are interested in or that affects you. You could send the video to your MP via their social media accounts.

Twitter Chat

A Twitter chat is a live event, focused around a particular topic. Pick an issue or topic your unit are interested in or want to learn more about in relation to the UK Parliament – for example the work of MPs or women in politics.

  • Pick a hashtag so all the conversations can be filtered and it will make it easier for people to take part – make sure your hashtag isn’t one that is already popular as this could be confusing. Also try to include #UKPW16.
  • Pick a time for the chat (this is most likely to be when your unit meets).
  • Lastly promote it – you can let others know that the Twitter Chat is happening well in advance to allow more people to take part. You could promote it in your schools or throughout your Guiding district.

Petition designing

Is there a topic that your attendees feel strongly about? Want to influence the debates in the UK Parliament?

  • How about creating an event to design a petition.┬áThink about the topics that matter to you. Will others support your cause? With petitions leading to inquiries, debates, and political deliberations, your event can inspire other British citizens┬áto get involved with the work of the UK Parliament.
  • For more information on Petitions, please visit the UK Government and Parliament petitions page.