12–18 November 2018


“Scotland was a hive of activity during UK Parliament Week 2017”

14 Aug 2018

Scotland was a hive of activity during UK Parliament Week 2017! We had events in every constituency in the country, from the Borders up to Orkney.  So many different types of social groups got together to take part in activities, events, and meetings to discuss democracy, politics, and how we can engage with the UK…

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“…fantastic and a great opportunity..” – Girlguiding Midlands

8 Aug 2018

Girlguiding is about giving girls a voice – and as the largest voluntary organisation for girls and young women in the UK we strive to give our young members the confidence to speak out about issues that they believe in. Gaining an understanding of the UK democratic system is a vital part of enabling them…

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A look at the UK Parliament Week Kit

 Blogs  2 Aug 2018

We can’t wait to send you all our fantastic UK Parliament Week 2018 partners’ kits to use at your events or activities! So, what do you get in a kit I hear you ask? Yours will include: A booklet with a wide range of activities for you to use at your event A ballot box…

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Ronnie Cowan MP: “UK Parliament Week facilitates that engagement we seek.”

25 Jul 2018

Ronnie Cowan is MP of Inverclyde and a supporter of UK Parliament Week. He tells us why he thinks UK Parliament Week  is so important to democracy in the UK. “I am aware that not every MP engages with UK Parliament Week and as a Scottish National Party MP, whose raison d’etre is to extract Scotland…

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‘Since UK Parliament Week 2017, engagement in Wales has risen’

12 Jul 2018

UK Parliament Week 2017 was a great success in Wales, with events happening in every constituency in the country. Ranging from school assemblies to community tea parties, these events gave people opportunities to get together and discuss the relevance and importance of the UK Parliament to the people of Wales. Since UK Parliament Week, engagement in…

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“I was blown away by the number of units who participated” – Girlguiding South West

5 Jul 2018

As the leading charity for girls and young women in the UK, Girlguiding enables those girls and young women to have a voice at all levels and all ages from 5 years upwards. As Region Chief Commissioner for Girlguiding South West England, I was blown away by the number of units who participated in a…

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Inspiring students to explore the work of UK Parliament

5 Apr 2018

During Parliament Week 2017, we ran two ‘parliamentary insights’ events. These were aimed at inspiring students to think about the role of Parliament in national life. Our first speaker was Hugo Sugg, who was homeless as a teenager but stood for Parliament in the 2016 election and leads the #HugosEarthquake campaign that seeks to make…

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Bournemouth Youth Committee

14 Feb 2018

“During UK Parliament Week 2017 Bournemouth Youth Committee hosted a pair of debates in Bournemouth Town Hall Council Chamber for young people aged 13-19. Over 40 young people from across town gathered in the chamber usually reserved for Full Council meetings. The debates were on subjects that the young people felt were important to them,…

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Northamptonshire Learning Disability Partnership Board

13 Feb 2018

“Northamptonshire Learning Disability Partnership Board strives to engage adults and young people with learning disabilities in the work of Parliament and to understand how to vote as they are under- represented. “The UK Parliament is helping us to address this imbalance by providing the fantastic pack it produces for UK Parliament Week and the training…

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Muslim Council of Britain and UK Parliament Week

13 Feb 2018

“The Muslim Council of Britain has for years promoted the active participation of Muslims in the democratic process. The MCB also urges Imams and community leaders to remind their mosque congregations on the significance of voting and voter turn-out as an important civic responsibility. “The Muslim Council of Britain is proud to support UK Parliament…

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