12–18 November 2018

What resources are available?

27 Sep 2016

We have lots of resources that you can use, either as an activity or to support an idea for an event you already have.

Schools and Young People

We have a page of ideas and resources for schools and other young audiences, including:

  • Pictures to colour in
  • Interactive Intro to Parliament videos
  • Debate Packs

Uniformed Organisations

  • This year we’ve partnered with Girl Guiding Ulster, who’ve put together lots of ideas for potential events or activities their members could run which might work for your group too.

Parliament Week Quiz

  • Six rounds dedicated to testing your knowledge on the UK Parliament
  • You could use one round, or the whole quiz
  • The quiz and quiz sheets will be available to download from our website shortly

Social Media Tool Kit

  • All partners who’ve registered an event or activity with us will receive a Social Media Tool Kit ahead of UK Parliament Week to help them promote their involvement with UK Parliament Week.

Participation Pack

  • All partners who’ve registered their event of activity with us on the website will receive a participation pack which will include posters, stickers, information cards, and pens/post-it notes.

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