12–18 November 2018

What event could you hold for Parliament Week?

9 Jun 2016

Your event can be big or small, formal or informal, ticketed or drop-in, online or in-person or both! We’ve compiled a few suggestions here at UK Parliament Week HQ to get you started.

You could:

  • Hold an information stand, with resources provided by us
  • Put on a UK Parliament Week quiz which you’ll be able to download from the Parliament Week website (you could use it in full, or pick a round if you’d prefer
  • Create a book, document, or artefact display of topical items relating to Parliament
  • Organise a discussion group about a topic relating to parliament week, which could also be personal to your organisation
  • Have a formal panel discussion with an audience Q&A
  • Hold a mock parliamentary debate (for which an online participation pack will be available to download)
  • Invite a a person, or group who’ve engaged with Parliament to give a talk – and ask them to share their experience (for example someone who’s given evidence to a committee, why it was important and how they found the experience)
  • Show a film and arrange a topical discussion afterwards

Don’t forget that all the events and activities in the programme need to fit into one of our key aims: to Engage, Explore and Empower and increase awareness of how Parliament affects everyone’s daily lives and demonstrate how people can get involved – from contacting their local MP, to starting or signing a petition, giving evidence to a committee, finding out more about how parliament works and understanding the history of parliament – just to name a few!