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Welcome to the Parliament Week blog

26 Jun 2013 – The Parliament Week Team

News flash! Parliament Week 2013 now has a blog – and you’ve tuned in to read its very first post.

The Parliament Week team


For those of you that don’t know, Parliament Week is a UK-wide programme of events and activities, held all over the UK, that aim to inspire, engage and connect people with parliamentary democracy. This year Parliament Week will take place from 15-21 November, and I for one can’t wait!

Now for the introductions…

My name is Philippa and I work as part of the Parliament Week team looking after the website. When I say ‘Parliament Week team’ I’m referring to the people who work behind the scenes throughout the course of the year to help pull together this vast programme of events. We’re all based at the Houses of Parliament in Westminster and play varying roles in getting Parliament Week up and running as well as making sure it’s bigger and better than the year before.

Why we’re blogging & what we’re blogging about

Hundreds of interesting, inspirational people get involved with Parliament Week each year to organise or take part in all kinds of events and activities. The aim of this blog is to help capture all of the best bits, some of the less glamorous bits, and of course some of the behind-the-scenes footage that show what really goes into making Parliament Week the enormous success it is every year.

What’s more, we’re not the only ones who’ll be blogging. From time to time guest bloggers, from influential parliamentary figures to representatives from our partner organisations, will step into the spotlight and provide their take on Parliament Week, and how they’re getting involved, right here alongside our regular posts.

We want as many people as possible to get involved with Parliament Week, so keep reading this blog and hopefully you’ll be inspired to take part this year.

Have your say

If you’ve got any comments or feedback about this blog or would like to get in touch about anything relating to Parliament Week 2013 we’d love to hear from you. You can contact the team by emailing parliamentweek@parliament.uk