12–18 November 2018

#ukconstitution ~ Live Parliament Week Twitter Chat with Graham Allen MP from 4-5pm on 19th November 2014

10 Nov 2014

Update 21st November 2014: Graham’s chat has now taken place, catch up on his #ukconstitution live chat highlights here.

With many feeling our political system is not fit for purpose, does the UK need a new democratic settlement? Do we need a political rulebook, a written constitution to let us know how our democracy works and how government can be held to account?

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Please join us to discuss a political #ukconstitution live on twitter with @GrahamAllenMP from 4-5pm on the 19th November 2014 as part of Parliament Week 2014.

We’d love to hear your questions in advance and live on the day. Perhaps you want to know – or tell us…

  • What is a written constitution? Why don’t we have one? Do we need one?
  • What powers does the Prime Minister have? And what about MPs? Or local government?
  • How can we get a written constitution – what’s the process? How would the public and young people have a say?


Please tweet us @parliament_week with any advance questions, using #ukconstitution, and we’ll gather them up for answering on the day. Do also pass this post on, or tag others into your tweets you think may be interested.


Want to understand more about what a constitution is? And why should you care?  – Read this explainer blog from Graham


We now want to hear from YOU! This is about the future of our democracy – what should our political rulebook say?  – Understand & contribute to Graham’s consultation now!

Why not submit your opening preamble for a new British constitution? This should be a short, inspiring and even poetic introduction. It should capture what is at the heart of the UK’s democracy.
Or tell Graham and his Committee your views on the future of our democracy – submit your evidence by 1st January 2015 and make sure your voice is heard.
This Twitter chat is part of Do Democracy, a national campaign running during Parliament Week to find the burning issues that young people really care about. We will be focusing conversation where possible on the involvement of 16-24 year olds.

About Graham:

Graham campaigns for a written constitution:

“So what would a written constitution mean for the people? Everyone would have a real political ‘How It Works’ book which people could refer to, which citizens could own and be proud of. The country’s rulebook could be in your pocket, clearly setting out the principles and rules that citizens, MPs and even Prime Ministers would live by.

Democracy isn’t about dry, dusty constitutionalism. It is about our political freedom and individual liberation, the restraint of tyranny and freeing up the enormous economic potential of communities, neighbourhoods and localities within a devolved settlement. Our current system is not fit for purpose, and we now have the chance to make it afresh.”

Graham Allen has been the MP for Nottingham North since 1987.
Looking forward to hearing from you on 19th November!


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