12–18 November 2018

“UK Parliament Week 2017 was a great success for our Learning Disabled communities”

26 Sep 2018

Sharon Stanley works at the UK Parliament as a Senior Education & Engagement Officer for East of England and Lead for ALD Communities

UK Parliament Week 2017 was a great success for our Learning Disabled communities, with events happening throughout the UK ranging from community treasure hunts to talks and quizzes.

Empower! is a programme designed specifically for the Adults with Learning Disabilities (ALD) community. The training package is targeted to all organisations that work with the ALD community. We work with you to ensure our workshops and activities are designed to engage and inspire everyone.
We have a film with interactive exercises at the end of each part. Our aim is to inspire people to believe that they have a voice, and that they are able to make a change.

We have developed relationships with organisations such as Ace (Anglia), Leading Lives, Mencap, and United Response (formerly Robert Owen Communities), and the result is they can continue to engage and empower people who had previously been disengaged with our civic society.

This year the programme has continued to be successfully rolled out across England in a variety of locations and venues and has become embedded as an essential resource

Empower! is currently being translated into Welsh to further our reach.