12–18 November 2018

‘Since UK Parliament Week 2017, engagement in Wales has risen’

12 Jul 2018

UK Parliament Week 2017 was a great success in Wales, with events happening in every constituency in the country. Ranging from school assemblies to community tea parties, these events gave people opportunities to get together and discuss the relevance and importance of the UK Parliament to the people of Wales.

Steven Williams is the Senior Outreach Officer for Wales in the UK Parliament’s Education and Engagement team. Uwch Swyddog Addysg a Cymunedau: Cymru 

Since UK Parliament Week, engagement in Wales has risen, with over 60 sessions having been delivered to schools and community groups by the Outreach team. Welsh language resources have been developed and all sessions are readily available in Welsh and English. Partnerships have been developed with organisations such as the Urdd, Scouts Cymru, and the Young Farmers in Wales with exciting work lying ahead.

A number of organisations have already signed up to be part of UK Parliament Week in Wales this year and we can’t wait for the celebrations to take place across the country.