12–18 November 2018

“Scotland was a hive of activity during UK Parliament Week 2017”

14 Aug 2018

Gary Hart
Senior Outreach and Engagement Officer at the UK Parliament       

Scotland was a hive of activity during UK Parliament Week 2017! We had events in every constituency in the country, from the Borders up to Orkney.  So many different types of social groups got together to take part in activities, events, and meetings to discuss democracy, politics, and how we can engage with the UK Parliament. Events took place in schools, in  colleges, with uniformed organisations, with civic groups, and the Scottish Affairs Select Committee got involved too, by holding an open forum meetings in Inverness and Selkirk where local people were able to raise issues and concerns important to them.

This year, lots more organisations are signing up to participate in UK Parliament Week and we hope that #UKPW18 will be even more active and more successful than last year.