12–18 November 2018

Run a ‘Change your future: understand Parliament’ regional workshop

change your futureAre you interested in leading a simple but effective project with a local school and/or community group? Then have a look at the Political Studies Association’s 2015 Parliament Week initiative.

This year’s initiative aims to discuss what parliament does and what it could do better in the future. This will be done in workshops held with a wide range of different groups (where possible targeting groups who are not already engaged with politics).

The PSA has created a Resource Pack with instructions on what to do. And remember to let the PSA know of the details of your event so they can help publicise it.

There is no limit on the number of workshops that can be run.

In addition to all of the individual workshops, the PSA are running a main event on the 16 November at the People’s History Museum.

For further information please contact James Ludley at james.ludley@psa.ac.uk

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