12–18 November 2018

Promote your UK Parliament Week event

28 Sep 2017

You’ve got an idea, you’ve already started making plans, but now you have to promote your UK Parliament Week event to as many people as possible. Here’s some things to think about:

1. Who’s your audience?

  • Getting the right audiences to take part in your
    event or activity is crucial to its success.
  • What does your event have to offer and who might benefit the most by attending it.


2. Writing about your event

  • Try to keep the information about it as short as you can, be clear about what it is and who it’s aimed at, but also try to tailor your language and tone to your audience.
  • Use bullet points where necessary and create hyperlinks to any supporting information rather than including it all in the text.
  • Include the correct information about where it is, when it will take place and if there are any costs. You should also let your audience know about access arrangements.
  • Trying to attract school groups? Direct your publicity towardsteachers and include relevant information about where it fits in to the curriculum.
  • Remember to include details of your social media channels and the UK Parliament Week hashtag whenever you can. This year’s hashtag is #UKPW17.


3. Using social media

  • Social media can play a huge role in publicising your event to a wide range of people.
  • Update your social media accounts regularly to build anticipation around your event – create teasers by posting
    interesting information prior to the event.
  • Include the UK Parliament Week hashtag #UKPW17 in all your UK Parliament Week related tweets and be sure tag us (@YourUKParl) in your tweets so we can retweet you.


4. Leaflets and posters

Using leaflets and posters can be an extremely effective way of publicising your event or activity.

Make sure they:


  • Are eye–catching
  • Are distributed where your audience will see them or pick them up (e.g. a library or youth centre)
  • Include all the details (e.g. date, who it’s for, how to book, venue, contact details)
  • Use simple, jargon-free language
  • Include the official UK Parliament Week partner logo, website and hashtag
  • In your kit you’ll also find two posters:
    • One UK Parliament Week poster so you can help spread the word
    • An empty branded poster so you can personalise your own text and promote your event to the right audience.

Download our digital toolkit for more tips on promoting your event. If you haven’t got that far yet, it’s also full of  ideas about what you can do and how to plan!