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Parliament Week focus for 2015

17 Jul 2015

As summer is here already, we thought this would be a great time to let you know more about how your event can be included in our programme for Parliament Week 2015.

Throughout 2015, Parliament has been celebrating the people who have shaped our democracy since the sealing of Magna Carta. There are many stories of those who have campaigned for change over the past 800 years: people who have changed their future by making their voices heard. Parliament Week 2015 will highlight these stories, inspiring people across the UK to make a difference today and change their future.

For Parliament Week 2015, we are looking for events or activities that help your audiences to either get inspired by people who changed their history or help them to get involved and change their future.

There are many ways your event or activity can be included in the Parliament Week 2015 programme.  For example, you could:

  • Create an exhibition about someone that has created change in your local area in the past, helping your audiences think about how they can make a difference today
  • Organise a debate, discussion or question time session, or Twitter chat about issues that your audience will be interested in, encouraging them to get involved
  • Use music, poetry or performance to share and express different perspectives about democracy in the UK today
  • Run a workshop or discussion about the future of democracy and how your audiences can help create change
  • Write a blog series during Parliament Week showcasing someone who has made a difference to today’s democracy

Whatever you choose to do, it is also important to make the link between your event and Parliament Week clear. To help you do that, you’ll be able to order free Parliament Week resources to give out at your event after the summer.

If you are not sure whether the event or activity you are planning fits into our focus for the year, please get in touch with the Parliament Week team who would be happy to discuss this with you.



2 responses to “Parliament Week focus for 2015”

  1. Kerri Tucker says:


    I would like to submit an interest in our school attending Parliament Week 16th-22nd November.
    Our school have never visited Parliament before I would like to take our school council pupils.

    Miss Tucker
    Inclusion Manager

    • Kate Winterflood says:

      Hi Miss Tucker,

      Thanks for getting in touch – great to hear you’d like to take part in Parliament Week.

      Unfortunately all spaces for Education visits to Parliament during Parliament Week have been booked. Have a look around our site and see if there are any events suitable for your group – each event has a different registration process as they are mainly partner-led.

      Alternatively, if you’d like to visit Parliament outside of Parliament Week, please take a look at the visits page of Parliament’s Education Service website for further information.

      Best wishes,
      Kate, Parliament Week Team

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