12–18 November 2018

Participate online with UK Parliament Week

13 Jun 2016

If you’ve registered your event to the UK Parliament Week website, be sure to show us by tweeting us your pictures and including this year’s hashtag. We will also be running a series of digital debates and Q&A sessions aimed at different audiences. You can join in with one of our online events or start your own!

Twitter Q&As

Ever wanted to get in touch with your MP or a local figure? Why not invite them to take part in a Twitter Q&A with your group or organisation. Ask them your questions over Twitter and don’t forget to include this year’s hashtag #UKPW16. If you’d like further guidance with this, email us at Parliamentweek@parliament.uk.

Twitter debates and polls

Invite your followers to take part in a Twitter debate on the UK Parliament Week hashtag. It can be about anything related to the UK Parliament or democracy in the UK. Raise questions over Twitter and encourage your followers to share their views.

Send us a picture

We want to see your events in action. Whether you’re holding a Q&A, exhibition, quiz or event in your local community, be sure to send us a picture over Twitter. Just include this year’s hashtag along with your tweet so that we can find it.

Registering your event?

If you are planning to register a non-digital event, we’ll also send you one of our social media toolkits with a selection of ready-made posts that you can use on your own platforms, these will help you spread the word about UK Parliament Week to all your followers so that they can get involved too.

Don’t forget we are now tweeting from our new Twitter account @YourUKParl. If you haven’t already, follow us in order to stay up to date with all the latest news from UK Parliament Week.

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