12–18 November 2018

Parliament wants to hear from YOU!!! What do you think our democracy should look like?

10 Nov 2014

I’m the Chair of a Select Committee in the House of Commons. Select Committees monitor the work of Government, and carry out inquiries into issues that affect us all, usually asking for evidence from the public to inform their work.

The work of my Select Committee, the Political and Constitutional Reform Select Committee, focuses on different aspects of democracy.GA Portrait - High Res

In 2010 we started a project that became our report ‘A new Magna Carta?’ We wanted to look into the question of whether or not we should adopt a written constitution in the UK and, if so, what it should contain.

We published our report in July 2014. It’s long – very long! – because it sets out three different options for writing down the rulebook of our democracy. The third of these is a model Written Constitution.

We now want to hear from YOU! This is about the future of our democracy – what should our political rulebook say?

If you care about…

  • Who our Head of State is…. OR
  • Whether the people should be allowed to directly elect our Prime Minister… OR
  • Where the powers of the Prime Minister come from… OR
  • The difference between Government and Parliament… OR
  • How individuals get to be members of the Second Chamber… OR
  • Whether there should be certain laws or rights that are so fundamental that they can’t be repealed… OR
  • How independent our local government is… OR
  • How centralised power is in the UK, compared to other democracies… OR
  • Whether we should all know the rulebook that decides these things…

… then let us know what you think!

And how should a future written constitution start?

We want you to write an introduction – a Preamble – for our future democratic rulebook. This should be short, inspiring, even poetic, and should capture what is at the heart of the UK’s democracy.

Perhaps the most famous example of a preamble is the opening of the US Constitution, which starts “We the people…” For a more modern example to help inspire you, you could look at the preamble to the South African constitution.

Make sure your voice is heard – this is your opportunity to be one of the founding fathers and mothers of a future written constitution for the UK!

You can find more information about the report and the consultation here: http://www.parliament.uk/new-magna-carta-consultation

To submit your suggested Preambles, go to: http://www.parliament.uk/pcrc-preamble

And to give evidence to my committee, go to: www.Parliament.uk/pcrc-constitution-evidence

Join Graham to discuss a #ukconstitution live on 19th November from 4-5pm.