12–18 November 2018

Northamptonshire Learning Disability Partnership Board

13 Feb 2018

“Northamptonshire Learning Disability Partnership Board strives to engage adults and young people with learning disabilities in the work of Parliament and to understand how to vote as they are under- represented.

“The UK Parliament is helping us to address this imbalance by providing the fantastic pack it produces for UK Parliament Week and the training and accessible resources through its Empower programme.

“Our self-advocates with a learning disability delivered interactive ‘All About Parliament’ road-shows. We focused on what happens in Parliament and how ideas get turned into a law. The participants took part in role play, creating their own political parties with a name and an elected leader and by creating a law. The groups had to debate their law and agree on one.

“We used the Big Ben stress reliever  from the UK Parliament Week pack as a tool during the sessions and a prize at the end of the week. The sessions were both informative and fun providing a chance to share existing knowledge and a space to ask questions and learn new information.”

– Debbie Allen, Northamptonshire County Council