12–18 November 2018

New Resources for Schools and Young People

15 Sep 2016

Our brand new resources for schools and youth groups are now live!

Our new resources are suitable for all ages. Help your class learn about the work of UK Parliament with our interactive discussion pack, complete with online videos, or explore the history of UK Parliament with our themed colouring in sheets.

Colouring in sheets

We have five new UK Parliament themed colouring in sheets. These can become part of a history lesson for younger children or can be used as part of a colouring in competition to help your students explore their creative side.

These are now available to download on our schools and young people page.

Interactive discussion pack with online videos

Test your group’s knowledge of laws, voting, and more with our new discussion pack. The packs feature our “Introduction to Parliament” video series and a number of discussion prompts which will offer your students a comprehensive guide to the work of UK Parliament.

You can find the new discussion pack here.

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