12–18 November 2018

Making it local: how Parliament affects you

21 Jun 2016

Democracy Matters

“We ran one event in the week itself, on Monday 16th Nov in Sheffield, about city devolution and the Sheffield Citizens’ Assembly with Dr. Arianna Giovannini, Prof. Matt Flinders & Vicky Seddon, Sheffield for Democracy, as part of an ESRC Knowledge Exchange programme about research on the British constitution.


Discussing Bills in Edinburgh City Chambers, and event that took place in the lead up to Parliament Week

The three main benefits of being a UK Parliament Week partner for us were:

  • Being part of a wider movement to refresh and deepen our democracy;
  • Letting people know how Parliament works and how they can have a more effective say in issues that concern them;
  • Information and support from the organisers and other partners.

People can have a greater say about decisions that affect their lives if they know how Parliament works, and Parliament is doing a lot to become more accessible, through its Outreach team, online services, and the Library. UK Parliament Week is a great opportunity to focus on increasing understanding of how Parliament works and how people can engage with it. It is run by people who are committed to engaging the public about how Parliament works so that citizens can have a say.

Devolution Revolution discussion in Manchester in the lead up to Parliament Week

The UK Parliament Week team are supportive and committed to increasing public understanding of Parliament so that people can take part in democracy.”

Titus Alexander, Convener, Democracy Matters