12–18 November 2018

It is around the corner

‘This event will bridge the gap between Parliament and young people’

So, it is right around the corner, the first event in parliament for young people. This is a milestone that has taken too long to reach but we have reached it and what a time! The grand finale to parliament week. Parliament Week is a UK-wide programme of events and activities that inspire and connect people with parliamentary democracy.

What an amazing experience this is going to be. Stalls from London Youth; Project You; Who cares Trust to The Challenge Network for young people to engage with and be inspired from, and if that was not enough we have performances throughout the entire day from young, up and coming talent, not to mention Misha B will be there as well as more guest stars. Wooo!!!

On a personal point of view, I did not think Parliament was a place for young people until now, as a result my view on democracy has been vague and my understanding was well below par. This event will bridge the gap between Parliament and young people which for a long time had been too broad. For many, this will be there first time! It is such a commercial building and after the success of the event, I am sure it will not be the last. Why has it taken so long for such an event to be put in place, nobody knows but it is here now and I will grab a hold of it with both hands.

As part of the Peer Outreach team, who have been a vital part of the development of this event, we feel exceedingly privileged. Only a handful of young people in the country can say they were apart of the ground up of a young people’s event in parliament and our team consists of all of them. With the scale of this event of course we have worked extremely hard, invested a lot of time but it is all worthwhile as this is a ground breaking moment.

Young people working behind the scenes of the event, knowing what young people want to get engaged with, we are very proud of the work we have done.


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