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I’m a stay at home mother but..

15 Nov 2013 – Roberta Siao, Mazi Mas

Before I joined Mazi Mas, I felt disheartened and frustrated by the lack of opportunities stay at home mothers have to gain employment. I always loved cooking and that’s what felt right for me to do as a job!

I started doing voluntary work in the Pie in the Sky Cafe, a great place, which is part of the Social Enterprise called FoodCycle. That’s where I met Niki. I instantly clicked with her (it’s very easy with such a welcoming and warm person!). She told me about her wonderful idea of what is now Mazi Mas and I surely joined her from the beginning!

Since then I started doing many things: cookery classes, teaching people about Brazilian food, assisting other chefs in their cookery classes and a great project teaching people from a Housing Association how to cook healthy food on a low budget to tackle food poverty.

Mazi Mas gave me a new lease of life; helping me find my direction, giving me support to find work and access to employment options I would not have dreamed of before! It also gave me the unique opportunity to meet and belong to a group of women in the same situation as I am and to create a strong bond between us!

It is a real life-changing experience and I hope many other women will have the chance to join us and transform their lives for better as I did!

This Sunday, Roberta will be one of the principal chefs for our reinvention of the “London Brunch.” The event will be a brunch that presents the breakfast foods of the different chefs’ countries of origin, alongside a photo exhibition of the journey of Mazí Mas so far, to remind us that London is made up of so many more cultures and people than lazy stereotypes suggest.

A British brunch is so much more than just a fry-up!

London Brunch with Mazí Mas takes place as part of Parliament Week on 17 November, 11:00 – 15:00. You can book tickets for this event by visiting the Grub Club website



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