12–18 November 2018

How did we do? Evaluating Parliament Week 2014

3 Nov 2014

With nearly 300 partners, the impact of Parliament Week activities is potentially huge. And if everyone can do these two simple things, we’ll have a good picture of that impact – so we can celebrate how great you all are, and, more importantly, do it even better next year!


Why we evaluate

Every year during Parliament Week hundreds of activities take place nationwide, all aiming to inspire, engage and connect people with Parliamentary democracy. This year promises to reach even more people, as we add our #DoDemocracy social media campaign to the talks, debates, performances, walks, exhibitions and workshops that partners have planned.

Our objective – one we hope partners share – is to help people from all walks of life, and of all ages, learn something new about parliamentary democracy, think about it differently, or feel inspired to get involved themselves. We believe democracy needs us all at the table, so it’s important that everyone feels they are able to participate.

Naturally, we want to know how well we’re doing at this, which is why every year we evaluate Parliament Week. We’re pretty sure our partners are achieving some amazing stuff with your activities, and doing an evaluation means we can tell people about it with even greater confidence.


Evaluation form 2014

Evaluation form


We need your help

However – we can’t do it without your help. We need everyone to pitch in with gathering information about how many people we’ve reached, what difference we’ve made to how people think or feel about politics, what has worked well, and what we can do better next year. The evaluation form also asks questions about your specific activity, so you’ll get some direct feedback too.


What you can do

In registering you’ve already given us some useful information – about what your priorities are, and the kind of audience you expect to reach. Over the next weeks there are two other things we’d like you to do: and the good news is they’re both really easy!

1. Distribute the participants’ questionnaire

With the support of expert evaluators, BOP Consulting, we’ve prepared a questionnaire for attendees and participants, which you will get plenty of copies of in your resources packs. PLEASE remember to hand these out for participants to fill in or send out the online version: http://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/Parliament-Week-2014-Your-Views.  This survey is really important: it’s the only way we can find out how people have been affected by Parliament Week. As a sweetener, people who submit completed questionnaires will be entered into a prize-draw.

2. Tell us how you think it went

After Parliament Week is over, we’ll be in contact again to ask you (as a partner) a couple of questions about your activity, and how you think it went.