12–18 November 2018

Holding an online event for UK Parliament Week?

26 Oct 2016

Here’s a few things to consider:

Whether you’re holding a Twitter takeover day or a Facebook Q&A, here are some tips for making your online event a success.

Let us know what you’re doing.
If you haven’t signed up to our events page we won’t know about your online event. Signing up means we can promote it to our followers so they can join in the conversation too.

Use the hashtag.
Include the hashtag #UKPW16 and encourage your participants to do the same. This means we can easily spot your event online. Equally, if you’re going to use an alternative hashtag to suit your online event more specifically, let us know and we’ll promote it on the day. If you’re holding a Q&A try and use a hashtag that lends itself to that topic, for example, If you’re doing a Q&A with your local MP, you might use something along the lines of “#AskMP”.

Target your audience.
If there’s a certain community that would benefit from your online event, make sure they know it’s happening! Be sure to regularly update your followers, letting them know the date and time of your event. Advertise the event in as many public spaces as possible, for example your website and newsletters. If you’re holding an online Q&A send a message out to your followers and friends before the start time and if possible, post a picture of the person answering questions to familiarise your audience with who they’re talking to.

Ask your friends for help.
Ask your online friends with a large influence to support you by promoting your event on their own platforms or taking part themselves. This can even be your local MP or an interesting organisation you’ve worked with in the past.

Keep the conversation going.
Remember that online events are great for building an online community in the long run. Your online event should help kick-start some new conversations between you and your following long after UK Parliament Week, so give them a reason to stay in touch and keep talking to you.

If you have any more questions about your online event, get in touch ukparliamentweek@parliament.uk