12–18 November 2018

Get Your Free Schools Kit

9 Mar 2017

Sign up to become a UK Parliament Week partner and you’ll receive one of our free kits designed especially for schools. Your kit is designed to cater to all your UK Parliament Week needs as you go on to hold your event or activity.

Don’t worry about having all the details of your event or activity finalised. To receive your free box, sign up today using our simple online form.

In your kit you will find:

  • A booklet with a wide range of activities for your school or class to take part in.
  • Bunting – so you can decorate your classroom or school hall in true UK Parliament Week style.
  • UK Parliament Week branded pens and a highlighter.
  • A UK Parliament Week stress reliever (a great prize for all your efforts).
  • Posters to help you promote your event.
  • UK Parliament Week stickers, the perfect giveaway.
  • UK Parliament Week pin badges for you to wear so everyone knows you’re taking part.
  • Balloons – To help you celebrate.
  • Your very own UK Parliament Week placard – take pictures with your placard whilst your event is in action!
  • And last but not least – our new UK Parliament Week ballot box so you can hold a mock voting activity for all ages.

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We look forward to hearing from you,

The UK Parliament Week team.