12–18 November 2018

Learn more about Parliament with one of our free sessions

18 Apr 2016

The UK Parliament’s Community Outreach and Engagement Officers offer free presentations, workshops and interactive sessions in partnership with organisations across the UK all year round.

These talks and workshops can help your audience understand more about the UK Parliament and find out how to get involved and make their voices heard.

Sessions on offer include:

  • Your Parliament: An Introduction
  • Legislation
  • Legislation: Taking it further
  • Engaging and Influencing
  • Select Committees

Tailored sessions are also available to support particular audiences. These include adults with learning disabilities (ALD), women, young people, black and ethnic minorities and Welsh speakers.

Please bear in mind these sessions are very popular and get booked up very quickly. For more information, to find out who your local community outreach officer is, and to request a session, check out their page on the UK Parliament website.

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