12–18 November 2018

“…fantastic and a great opportunity..” – Girlguiding Midlands

8 Aug 2018

Girlguiding is about giving girls a voice – and as the largest voluntary organisation for girls and young women in the UK we strive to give our young members the confidence to speak out about issues that they believe in. Gaining an understanding of the UK democratic system is a vital part of enabling them to make a positive difference in their community and encouraging them to know how each voice is important. 2018 has a particular relevance for us in finding out about the suffragette movement – how and why women fought so very hard to gain the right to vote.

Partnering with UK Parliament Week has given us the opportunity to develop fun and interesting activities from which girls can choose to support their learning. Knowing that Units right across the Girlguiding Midlands Region are following a similar theme during UK Parliament Week and linking up with their local MP and other politicians, is fantastic and a great opportunity to showcase some of the amazing things we do. We have enjoyed working with the UK Parliament team on this project.

Abi Salter and Sandy Kinnersley are Chief Commissioner and Deputy  Chief Commissioner for Girlguiding Midlands. This year, we’ve partnered with a range of organisations as part of UK Parliament Week 2018. You can find out more about our partnerships here.