12–18 November 2018

Do you know an inspirational changemaker?

30 Jul 2015

changemakersWe’re on the hunt for case studies of groups or individuals who have made some kind of change in their community via democratic methods. We then want to use them in the run-up and throughout Parliament Week as a way of inspiring more people to get involved with Parliament.

Do you know an inspirational changemaker in your community? Let us know!

What is a Parliament Week changemaker?

A changemaker is a person (or a group of people) who recognises that something should be better in the world. They then act to make that change happen. The change could be very small or very big; it could affect just one person or millions. Either way, a changemaker makes a positive and lasting difference to our society.

Parliament Week changemakers can be people who are making a positive impact in their community today, or people who are no longer alive but have made a difference in the past. As long as we have enough information about them to answer the questions below, we would love to hear about them.

Why do we need changemakers?

We understand that democracy is a process, and there are lots of things people want to change. We are therefore encouraging people to get involved with Parliament today to change their future.

In order to encourage people to get involved, we want to hear from people who have already been successful; whether that was through contacting their MP, joining a campaign, giving evidence to a Select Committee, or through any other democratic route.

We will then select some of the case studies to be used in our Parliament Week resources to encourage even more people to get involved. If your changemaker is selected, we will get in touch to let you know, and (if they’re still alive) we will need to ask their permission to use their case study for Parliament Week. We may also ask for a photograph of the person or group.

What information do we need about our changemakers?

Please email the following information to parliamentweek@parliament.uk

Their name
Their age
The town/city they live in
What did they change?
How did they change it?
What’s the lasting impact of the change?
Your contact details and your relationship with this person (if any)

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