12–18 November 2018

Bournemouth Youth Committee

14 Feb 2018

“During UK Parliament Week 2017 Bournemouth Youth Committee hosted a pair of debates in Bournemouth Town Hall Council Chamber for young people aged 13-19.

Over 40 young people from across town gathered in the chamber usually reserved for Full Council meetings. The debates were on subjects that the young people felt were important to them, identified by a vote open to all young people.

Bournemouth has traditionally taken part in UK Parliament Week, so when opportunity to take over from the previous partner came up I decided it was something I must keep on the agenda. The kudos of being backed by the UK Parliament adds prestige and excitement to the event and the week allows participants to understand they are part of something much bigger.

It has been marvellous to bridge the gap between decision makers of all levels and local young people. Tobias Ellwood MP gave an inspirational input which many presented identified as the highlight of the day.

I believe as many people as possible should utilise UK Parliament Week and grab the opportunity to plant lifelong engagement in democracy as a seed.”

–  Terry Husher, Bournemouth Borough Council